Our Approach

Blizzard Albany is working to reach a first contract for the QA employees represented by the CWA. Bargaining for this contract began on May 30, 2023.

Our Approach to Union Negotiations

Doing What’s Right for All Employees

We will stay intensely focused on contract outcomes that support the success and aspirations of all employees, help ensure a safe, welcoming, and diverse workplace, and positively impact the players and communities we serve.

Building for the Long Term while Responding to the Now

We will continue to build on our strengths as a company to deliver for our employees and players. We will focus on outcomes that allow us to remain competitive and differentiated in the marketplace, both now and well into the future.

Respecting the Bargaining Process and Each Other

We are committed to coming to the bargaining table fully engaged and focused on reaching an agreement that delivers strong results for team members and the business. We are committed to an atmosphere of mutual respect, even when perspectives and proposals are different.

Being Candid and Factual

We will listen closely. We will share important information about how proposals and potential contract terms impact our employees and stakeholders.